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Another Studio Shoot

March 7, 2012 8 comments

It was Sunday morning, Rachanee, Selena and I we get together in my studio to create this clean beauty sleep shoot.

Photography/style: Me
Model: Selena
Hair/MUA: Rachanee

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Studio Shoots with Selena

March 4, 2012 5 comments

A Chinese actress and dancer – today is the first time we worked together for some studio shots. Selena is so smart and fun, and she’s such a great pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her again.

Photography/Style: Me
Makeup/Hair: Rachanee

A good one but not there yet!

July 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Last weekend, I worked with Maddie and Audray(MUA) for one day studio shoot. It was fun, but having an almost serious accident, one of my monolights fell down when I took off the sand bag. very fortunately it’s still functional!

The beauty shoots in studio could be very challenging. The lighting I created is all over soft, hair lighting looks good, but generally bit flat after I examine them on my computer. I wish I can create more dramatic look with highlight and shadow. Having a laptop directly hooked up with my camera in studio is very necessary, it’s on my top list now for next shoot.

Checklist for July 24’s shoot
1. Connect my camera to laptop on actual shooting period
2. Use the industrial floor fan instead of air blow
3. Use painted background if it’s possible
4. Try butterfly lighting pattern

Photo Shoots with Caz

June 2, 2010 2 comments

It was May 25, Tuesday night. Caz and MUA Mimi came to my studio around 7pm, I was setting up all the lights while Mimi was doing make up for Caz. The whole shoots went through smoothly, but somehow I felt like I didn’t make the very RIGHT decision for Caz’s makeup. The shadow on both side of nose is bit hard to have perfect lighting. I plan to have a location shoot with Caz later this month.

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April 22, 2010 3 comments

尝试了一下人像的黑白照,还是比较满意。大部分的PS work需要很多的耐心甚至是精致的耐心。


April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

准备已久的photo shoot终于开拍, 一切都很顺利. 从早上10点到晚上7点, Hillie的化妆比我想象的还要好, 在灯光的效果下更佳. 可见, 没了化妆师, studio的拍摄怎样都不能上一个层次的. Rita的情绪和能量是拍照的最难得的气氛, 模特在她的训练下变得自然轻松. So blessed to have those talented people around to have fun project together… this day is marked. April 17, 2010.

周末Studio Shoots-continue

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

上周末的测试, 这次调整了灯的高度和位置, 光线有了一定的改善, 但还没有实在的想要的特别柔和的感觉. Reflector还是需要assistant, 因为需要一定的角度, 架子只能是没有人力下的替补. 70-200/f4的镜头很轻, 比f2.8轻多了, 效果也好, 其实在studio的情况下, f4可能是更好的选择. 

给B拍到第200张的时候, 感觉才慢慢出来, 这是这次最满意的一张, 2小时的PS, 因为基本没有化妆. 

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