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Wedding | Monica & Ben | San Francisco, CA | March 24, 2012

March 26, 2012 13 comments

When the first time I met Monica and Ben at Peets Coffee last summer, it was quite well, and I’ve been having a good feeling about their wedding photos since that time. Some time in the fall, they showed me around Terra Gallery where would be holding their wedding ceremony. It is a spacious contemporary, and elegant event venue, which is also my favorite style. As you can see in the first picture, a peep from Terra Gallery on the big wedding day.

Back to the wedding day, early in the morning when my assistant and I were on our way to the Palace Hotel, it didn’t rain; it poured. And it didn’t even pause for a while when we arrived at the hotel. I believe rainy day brings good luck, like tempting fate. To me, shooting in rainy conditions can be very creative, presenting unexpected, extraordinary opportunities to capture lovely and funny pictures.While Monica was talking to two little cuties, Kate and Mia, I saw her naturally glowing beauty. I let my assistant move the furniture away from the window so that they could keep chitchatting in a bigger space. This is true affection that doesn’t need any retouch.We drove along the hustling traffic to the Legion of Honor, where still can shoot good pictures on a rainy day. Monica and Ben were very cooperative. With a bit of encouragement to each other, they ended up laughing and having fun in the rain boots even though the bottom of the dress was soaked. It was like a venture out into the rain. What a lovely couple!

Wish Monica and Ben all my best! Happily ever after! Thank them again for choosing me to be their wedding photographer. In the meanwhile, thank my dear Rita for introducing me to Monica and Ben.

第一次见到Monica和Ben还是去年的夏天,我们在San Metro的Peets Coffee交谈甚欢。几个月后,我们一起去了他们选择的婚礼点Terra Gallery,一个开阔的时尚的场所,是我喜欢的简约风格。第一张照片就是他们婚礼那天装饰后的Terra Gallery的一角。回到婚礼的那天早上,是个灰沉沉的雨天,我和助手开车去三番的路上,大雨倾泻,到达新娘住的Palace Hotel时,雨还是在顽强地下,这会是一个很有挑战的拍摄,但我心里依然很乐观,说不定在很特别的情况下会有特别的创造力。

走进酒店房间,看到Monica和可爱的两个小女孩聊天,我觉得她的神态很生动美丽,便让助手把窗前的家具挪开,让孩子和Monica在窗前继续他们自然的交流,这是个意想不到的充满温馨亲情的画面,不需要任何修饰。从酒店出来,我们顺着繁忙的车流缓慢地开到了Legion Of Honor, 一个在雨天依然还可以拍摄的地方,Monica和Ben都很配合,从照片里可以看到他们在一起的快乐是那么动人。不得不说,Monica穿的雨鞋也是颇有特色,这就是生活,快乐的雨天的快乐的一对新人。


Wedding | Monica & Ben | March 24, 2012 from JJ Photo Studio.

Photography: JJ Photo Studio
MUA/Hair: Rachanee

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