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Pro looking Secrets for using Ex580

1.  Dragging the shutter–first, set the camera to shoot in program mode. Then, aim at subject and hold the shutter speed down half way so the camera takes a meting readingof the scene. Check the viewfinder and see the f-stop and shutter speed, and remember those two numbers. Then, switch to manual mode and dail in those numbers, if the shutter speed read is 1/60 a second, then drag it to 1/15. so we can see more background, the background looks nature.

2. Rear Sync–This is default setting on camera, it will avoid the dark background, but canon can’t do it. by this point, canon sucks. 

3. Sto-Fen Omni_Bounce–this difussion dome can soft the lights.

4. Orange and green gel–orange is for shooting indoors under the regular lighting ( usually incandescent light ). green is for shooting in office or building under fluorsecent light.

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