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Photoshop Retouch: Hot Spot

The more close up shoots I took for adults, the more “hot spot” issue I noticed although the model wears makeup. I developed a flow to get rid of the hot spot. 

1. duplicated the bg layer

2. Select>color range, use eyedrop on the hot spot. Adjust the fuzziness till the selection area looks fine.

3. click mask on layer palette, option+click mask to bring out the whole mask image, use brush tool ( bg=black ) to cover the area we don’t have to adjust, for instance the white shirt or some shinning area on hair.

4. click image, change the blend mode to multiple, adjust the opacity. option+click mask, blur>gaussian blur to adjust the Radius, make its transaction smooth.

5. create new layer, use clone stamp tool, on option bar to choose the sample=all layers. Mode=Multiple, adjust the LEFT hot spot part, during the process, change opacity back and forth to make the adjustment smooth. 

6. Shift + click ALL LAYERs, command +G to create a folder, name it as Hot Spot for later other works.

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